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Creating a safer and more efficient maritime sector

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Getting ready for autonomous shipping

Autonomous and remote controlled ships might be a story for the future, but for Rolls-Royce that future is right nearby....


Towards more sustainable and efficient transport chains

Kurt Bodewig, European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea within the European Commission believes that Sea Traffic Man...


STM services in practice


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Imagine a world where all the information you need is at your fingertips, updated in real-time. And where most information does not have to be entered manually but is collected from various data sources.

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Whats in it for me?

Sea Traffic Management will improve efficiency, environmental performance and safety. Find out how you and your colleagues will benefit more concretely!

Port Actor

Transparency in the port calls, leads to efficient processes and better use of resources.


Service Provider

STM provides a standardised way of service delivery, leading to a bigger market, and an easier way to launch new services.


Bridge Officer

Less administration, smoother planning and an improved situational awareness.


Ship Owner and Operator

Simplified planing on shore and onboard, and synchronised port calls, create fuel savings.


Authority and Government

Analysis and support of vessel traffic will become more precise leading to increased safety and security.


Cargo Owner

More predictable transports with greater transparency.


Our projects

STM Validation

The STM Validation Project will demonstrate the STM concept in large-scale test beds in both the Nordic and Mediterranean Seas, encompassing around 300 vessels, 13 ports and 5 shore based service centres as well as using the European Maritime Simulator Network. The key ...

STM Validation project

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