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STM Balt Safe — WP 1
STM Balt Safe admin and management

Project Management and administration

The purpose of this WP is to coordinate the technical and financial implementation of the Project in a way so that the Action achieves its objectives and fulfils the requirement set in the funding decision. The SMA as Lead Partner willl assure overall responsibility for the coordination and management of the Project and is the organization responsible for reporting on the technical and financial progress of the Project to the Interreg Baltic Sea Joint Secretariat, in accordance with the requirements in the funding decision. The Lead Partner shall be the contact point for all communication with the Interreg Baltic Sea Joint Secretariat in the project. A Consortium Coordination Group (CCG) will be established to supervise the project work. The aim of the CCG is to monitor the financial and thematic activities and to make strategic decisions for the project. The CCG will meet regularely and represent all partners. Meetings will take place face-to-face and online. The CCG will be responsible for securing that all activities within the project and WPs are coherent and work towards fulfilling the main goals of the project. The Projecst Manager is responsible for reporting to the CCG and for organizing the CCG meetings.

The Management and administration WP encompasses the coordination of the project by the Lead Partner, which is the Swedish Maritime Administration, as well as the coordination at the project partners. The STM BALT SAFE is organised to cope with the challenges of coordination of a project of this size and complexity. The project coordination at Lead Partner encompasses project manager, administrative coordinator as well
as financial manager.

The STM BALT SAFE project is a project with ambitions to validate and come up with solutions which could be deployed in short and medium term at the same time as it has long-term ambitions. The project will maintain an extensive stakeholder dialogue.